I love to write and play with words.
That’s really all you need to know.

The best way to learn about me? Read my blog or column. Yes, I
have a university degree… and a college diploma… and 20+ years
of writing and communications experience. Can’t say the same about
blogging, but only because it hasn’t been around that long. Trust me,
I’ve been blogging in my mind since I was a kid.
I’ve won some writing honours, but smaller stuff you’ve likely never
heard of so it’s debatable whether I should even mention that here.
Someone once told me my writing was funny and I believed them,
so I guess you could say I’m a little gullible too. Am I instilling
confidence in my ability yet?
I have a very short attention span, I hate cooking almost as much
as my family hates eating my cooking, and  I realize that these
two points aren’t even remotely related and really don’t belong
in the same sentence.
Followed very closely by coffee and chocolate, the things I enjoy most
in this world are my family, writing, running and some really geeky
hobbies I’m not going to divulge here.