Run-on Sentences

Fast? Me?
Heck no, where’s the humour in that?


Here’s the thing…

I love to run, but I’ll never be really good at it and that doesn’t matter to me in the least. The incredible people I’ve met, the personal goals I’ve achieved, the strength I’ve gained both mentally and physically – these benefits come from the simple act of running to better myself, not from running better than others.

You’ll find posts about my running adventures jumbled up in this blog among posts about kids, coffee, chocolate, the weather and a whole lot of crazy things that have happened to me while on this journey called life. You’ll find lots of run-on sentences, too.

You probably don’t care, but…

Since deciding to get off the couch in 2008, I’ve completed the following races (often finishing in the bottom 25%, which is fine by me):

ultramarathons (50km) – 1
marathons – 6
30 km road races – 2
25 km trail races – 5
half marathons –  17
13 km road races – 1 (an odd distance, yes, it’s a Waterloo thing)
10 km road races – 3
triathlons – 1
and at least 30 races of 5 km or less (usually with my kids, making these some of my favs)