Just a few flakes… of gold, that is

Two weeks ago, my Waterloo Chronicle column discussed my husband’s obsession with TV shows like Gold Rush and his desire that we sell everything, move to the Yukon and live out the rest of our days trying our luck at mining gold.

In a bid to convince him to stay here in Waterloo with all the creature comforts I love – like having coffee shops and stores that sell chocolate in close proximity – I asked readers to help me convince him that there’s gold right here in the Grand River. I suggested that if they had any gold craft glitter lying around, maybe they could put a wee bit in the water to help me trick him.

Here’s the column: looking-for-that-pot-of-gold-a-little-closer-to-home-in-waterloo.

Yesterday, a package arrived in the mail containing a small vial of 24 carat gold flakes from the Royal Canadian Mint. Yup, I’m serious. No return address, so no idea who sent it, but thank you very much for the thoughtful gesture!

Vial of 24k gold flakes

Can’t begin to tell you how surprised I was to get THIS in the mail the other day! Should I write my next column about lottery tickets?

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