First ultramarathon leaves this gal ultra… tired

Once again, that which once scared the heck out of me has become an obtained goal.

Like the marathon, the back-to-back marathon, and all the other running goals I’ve set for myself in recent years, the ultramarathon has landed a spot on my recreational running resume.

Run for the Toad 50km medal

It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast, but I got it done, running 50km at the 2015 Run for the Toad trail race in Paris, Ontario, on October 3.  I completed 4 laps of a challenging 12.5km course that wound through fields and forests with endless hills.

I learned quite a few things about myself during that 7 hour 41 minute run (the winner took just over 3 hours, that should give you some idea of my ability level).

For example, expecting to drive yourself home after a race of that magnitude is ludicrous. I’m very grateful to my driver.

And… as much as I like to run alone sometimes, it’s great to have friends willing to help when the going gets tough. I seriously doubt I would have made it without them.



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