Revisions needed (after my run)


Apparently I used to write about stuff other than just running, and now I don’t. Guess I should consider revising this fact.

I’m finally back (I hope) from a lengthy bout of writer’s block, likely induced by training for and running two marathons in one week back in late April and early May.

And… there I go again on the subject of running. Not to mention going back on my word. Claiming on my home page that “I’m never Stuck4Words.” I’m only human, after all. Can’t revise this latter fact, so better change previous one.

Stick with me, I’ll get out of my rut, don’t worry.

No, of course you’re not. What was I thinking.

Need to clear my head, I think. Words are getting stuck. A lot of them, too.

Hate to say it, but I need to go for a run.



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