The Flying Pig: Volunteers and the chance to earn a PR

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Greetings Flying Pig friends both current and future!

Wow, three weeks until race weekend. Where did the training time go?

Last long run before Flying Pig

Myself, some fellow Cincinnati-bound runners, and a few training partners, heading out for our last long run before the Flying Pig. We glow because it’s very early in the morning! We got an early start to our run to simulate the 6:30am race start time.

I saw a photo of the PR bell on Facebook this week. I’d love to be able to earn a personal record at the Flying Pig and ring it, as would most participants I’m sure. If I’m really honest with myself though, that might be a bit of a stretch this year. I’m just over a bad sinus cold which saw me skip one long training run and shorten another.

Will I let this minor setback stop me from trying my best, though? Absolutely not!

I think for most of us, following a training schedule to a tee is a bit unrealistic. I mean, life happens, right?

That’s why I’m so glad I was taught by my awesome running coach to set several goals for each race: a finish time I’d be thrilled with, one that is very doable, and a slower finish time that acknowledges I’m not completely in control, especially when it comes to factors like illness, injury and race day weather.

A PR was within reach when I ran a 30km training race recently, but I missed it by three seconds. Why? First, because it was a training race and I didn’t want to overdo it and risk injury before The Flying Pig. Second, because I simply couldn’t resist high-fiving all the cute kids lining the course and I wanted to be sure to thank every group of volunteers I came upon. Those were my race goals in this case, and I’m happy to say I achieved them.

Volunteers are integral to the success of any race. I hope to be able to thank as many volunteers as I can at the expo, while on the course, and at the finish line.

WKRP in Cincinnati

After a year of planning, it’s almost time for WKRP in Cincinnati to head to the Flying Pig, and we can’t wait!

I’m also acutely aware that there are many volunteers working behind the scenes before, during and after races who don’t come into contact with participants and may not get the personal thanks they deserve from us. To these individuals, and to any others I might miss, I send my most heartfelt thanks and respect. It’s because of you that so many individuals, myself and the rest of “WKPR from Cincinnati” included, will have the opportunity to participate in The Flying Pig race weekend, and perhaps ring that PR bell.

By the way, if you’re looking for some great motivation and tips before the race, make sure you’re following The Flying Pig on Twitter at @RunFlyingPig, and also on Facebook at!

Until next time…


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