The Flying Pig: The big reveal

Note: You’ll find my introductory blog about coming to Cincinnati to run the Flying Pig here, a discussion about hill training and THE BEST PIG HAT EVER here, some great reasons to include coffee and ankle warmers in your race training here, and some tips on how to “Dress for Success” here.


Greetings Flying Pig friends both current and future!

PennypighatSince deciding to run the Flying Pig Marathon, I’ve begun noticing pig-themed items everywhere!

Check out the beautiful hat I borrowed from a running pal. It’s a bit too warm and wooly for race day. At least, I hope it is. Has it ever snowed in Cincinnati in May?

Last month was the coldest February ever recorded where I live. I haven’t been checking Cincinnati temperatures regularly, but I know they can’t be too far off those here in Ontario.

My February cross-training involved a lot of snow shovelling, how about yours? So far, March is all about puddle jumping. I’m certainly not complaining, though. It appears the big thaw is finally here!

Okay, it’s time to deliver on a promise. Without further adieu, I present to you the official  team shirt of “WKRP in Cincinnati” (Waterloo Kanucks Run Pig). I’ll start with a detailed shot of the graphic on the back of our shirts:

Back logo

The official logo of “WKRP in Cincinnati”. Along with the names of those heading to Cincinnati, we’ve included many of our wonderful training partners and coaches. We couldn’t do it without them!














Now here’s a photo showing several of us sporting our new shirts at a recent gathering. (Yes, we’re aware that a few of us are wearing them backwards. We wanted to show off both sides.)

Several members of "WKRP in Cincinnati" show off our team shirts, and a few other items of pig-related paraphernalia we've been collecting.

Several members of “WKRP in Cincinnati” show off our team shirts, and a few of the many other items of pig-related paraphernalia we’ve been collecting for our trip.

Here’s a funny story about our shirts…

The ladies in our group range in age from 19 to the late 50s. 

When deciding on a group logo, we took it for granted that everyone had at least heard of the TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati”, even if they hadn’t grown up watching this sitcom like I had.

We were wrong.

A few weeks after deciding on a logo, a post appeared on our group Facebook page from our youngest member:

“Oh my gosh! I just figured out that WKRP in Cincinnati is a TV show,” she exclaimed. “Gonna be honest , I was incredibly confused why we were named that.”

We promptly proceeded to describe the main characters to her, deciding she most resembled the character Less Nessman, and suggested she search online for the infamous “flying turkey” episode.

Whenever a group of us get together to train, laughter isn’t far behind. I have many other funny stories to tell, but they’ll just have to wait.

We hope your training is going well, and send a huge advanced thank you to those folks volunteering for the event.

Until next time…


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