A vision about hindsight

Take a very close look at the picture below. Notice anything missing, perhaps?

missing lens

I lost a lens to my prescription reading glasses somewhere in the house almost a week ago, and still haven’t found it. There was a time when I could misplace these glasses for weeks on end and it wouldn’t matter. Lately, however, I need them all the time when I read or write. I’ll actually search the house for them before settling down to work.

At least one daughter was home sick every day last week. It really would’ve been beneficial to have that lost lens so I could read the fine print on their medication bottles. I tried wearing the glasses, closing my left eye and squinting with my right eye to read, but this got very tiring. In the end, I had to resort to the following:

magnifying glass

I refuse to believe I’m old enough to need a magnifying glass. I’m not even sure why I own one in the first place.

Denial aside, my new pair of prescription reading glasses should be ready any day now.

I fully expect that missing left lens to make a reappearance shortly thereafter.

Hindsight, I believe it’s called.

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