The Flying Pig: How to dress for success

Note: You’ll find my introductory blog about coming to Cincinnati to run the Flying Pig here, a discussion about hill training and THE BEST PIG HAT EVER here, and some great reasons to include coffee and ankle warmers in your race training here.


Greetings Flying Pig friends both current and future!

When it comes to dressing for success, different situations demand different attire.

Dressing for success in freezing temperatures and gusting wind.

Dressing for success in freezing temperatures means wearing multiple layers of headwear to stay warm.

Surviving outdoor training runs during frigid temperatures, for example, requires warm base layers, windproof outer layers and headwear such as myself and fellow Cincinnati-bound runner Lisa sport in the photo at left.

Is it just us, or are others also finding that one run equals approximately one load of laundry these days?

After completing a long training run last Saturday, I decided to sideline myself on Sunday to cheer on runners in a local race. Dressing for success in this situation meant wearing winter boots, a toque and a warm parka while sipping coffee and ringing my beloved cowbell. It’s debatable whether the folks living in the house behind me appreciated the noise as much as the race participants did.

Dressing for success when cheering on a local race means wearing warm boots while toting coffee and a cowbell.

With coffee and cowbell in hand, I recently cheered on runners in a local race. Special thanks to  photographer Julie Schmidt from RunWaterloo for catching me in action.

I know how much I enjoy having folks cheer me on during a race, so it was nice to be able to turn the tables for these runners. Besides, it’s just not the same without a little cowbell, wouldn’t you agree?

Speaking of dressing for success, my fellow “WKRP in Cincinnati” ladies and I want to give back to the community we’re fortunate enough to be travelling to in May, so it will be our pleasure to help out Dress for Success Cincinnati, one of the official charities of The Flying Pig.

Among the many wonderful things this organization does is providing disadvantaged women with business attire to help them succeed in the workforce. We’re pleased to be bringing with us some gently used professional clothing and accessories for donation to the organization. I love how enthusiastic and appreciative the great folks at Dress for Success were when we informed them of our intentions, and can’t wait to meet this wonderful team and hear more about the vital work they do to help women succeed in both work and life.

Dress for Success will have a booth at the Flying Pig race expo. We’ll be dropping by to say hello, and hope you’ll consider doing the same. As well, we invite those of you who have the means to consider joining us in supporting this organization.

I have one last point to make about dressing for success. Our official “WKRP in Cincinnati” team shirts have finally arrived, and I hope to  share a group photo of us wearing them in the near future.

This little guy is dressed for success when it comes to flying along the course on race day.

This little guy is dressed for success when it comes to flying along the course on race day.

In the meantime, we’re REALLY hoping that come Flying Pig race weekend, the weather will be warm enough that we can shed our heavy winter training gear and  dress more like this little fellow to the left, whom we each received on a keychain along with our team shirts.

Oh, to be as cool and dressed for success as this hip little hog. I don’t mean running in my birthday suit, of course, but sporting the colour pink and some cool shades would be great. I can’t speak for the others, but personally I haven’t ruled out wearing wings, either.

Dare to dream, I always say. Anything is possible!

Until next time…


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3 Responses to The Flying Pig: How to dress for success

  1. Shannon says:

    Awesome cause to support! February and on into March have been particularly snowy here in Cincy, but we’re hoping to thaw by May. 😉 Then again it could also be 80 degrees and humid. You can never be sure here.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Shannon, we were very happy to connect with this charity! May can be pretty unpredictable in Ontario, too, but snow should be long out of the picture by then. In the 70s and slightly overcast, that’s my dream forecast for May 3 in Cincinnati in case you have any sway over the weatherman down there!

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