A running comedy of errors

My afternoon run yesterday was a complete comedy of errors. Here’s why…

A lot of the women I run with live fairly close by, so it’s not uncommon to spot one of them when I’m out driving, or to pass one of them running in the opposite direction while I’m out for a jog.

Case in point, during yesterday’s run, one of these ladies honked at me as she drove past on her way home from work. Less than five minutes later, I spotted Stroller Girl, another running pal, as she ran through the intersection ahead of me pushing – what else – a stroller. She was going in the same direction I was headed, so I sprinted to try and catch up with her.

Even on the best of days, catching up with Stroller Girl would be quite a feat for me, let alone the fact that she had a head start. Still, I kept trying to catch her for a good kilometre before giving up.

When I posted the story in our Facebook group last night, I learned that another running pal had been out in the neighbourhood just before me. And…. here’s the kicker… yet another running pal had spotted me from behind and was running to catch up with me, but gave up when I sped up to catch up with Stroller Girl.

On the plus side, we all had a good speed workout.

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