The Flying Pig: Hats and Hills

Note: If you missed my introductory blog about the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, you’ll find it here.


Greetings Flying Pig friends both current and future!

Hill training

It may look innocent enough, but further down this beautiful country road lies the infamous Horror Hill.

With less than 15 weeks to go until race day, my running friends and I are really starting to get pumped. For some in our group, the Flying Pig will mark a first marathon or half marathon. For me, it will be marathon number six.

Training is in full swing, and yesterday that meant hills. The country road in the photo to the left is considered one of the ultimate hill training grounds for runners living in my area. After a few miles of rolling hills, the road turns into a long, steep decline very aptly nicknamed Horror Hill. Going down is a breeze, but that’s certainly not the case on the return trip. Rarely do I make it up this beast without stopping, but I’m happy to report that on this latest attempt, I did.

Hill training

Hill training with two other “WKRP (Waterloo Kanucks Run Pig) in Cincinnati” ladies, Lissa (on left) and Lisa (on right).

Joining me on the hills yesterday were two other ladies heading to Cincinnati in May, Lissa and Lisa. To help our group differentiate between these two, we’ve nicknamed the gal on the left “Lissa Pink” since she’s always sporting pink running gear. Needless to say, we were quite surprised when she showed up yesterday in orange. Take a close look at her shoes, though.

I feel like I’m forgetting to tell you something… oh yes, the hat! How could I forget the hat! I promised last time that I’d show it to you, so check out the photo below. I’m betting a lot of you will be pink with envy.

When “WKRP (Waterloo Kanucks Run Pig) in Cincinnati” met earlier in January, the aforementioned Lisa presented fellow group member and trip organizer, Sandra, with a hand-knit pig hat that’s impossible to look at without smiling. Don’t you agree?

knitted pig hat

Is this hat awesome or what!? Our trip organizer and fellow group member, Sandra, sports the hand-knitted pig hat given to her by Lisa, pictured above.

I’d like to share a few more words about Sandra…

I’ve never met a more organized individual, nor anyone more generous and willing to find time in her already-busy schedule to plan our running trips. Sandra takes care of just about everything right down to the tiniest detail, including travel arrangements and training schedules. She’s also our biggest cheerleader.

We’re very fortunate to have Sandra among us. We refer to her as our queen bee, so it is with keen interest that we note there is a sister race to the Flying Pig called the Queen Bee. Coincidence? I think not.

When travelling, we bestow upon Sandra the honour of wearing a crown. Some very funny situations have arisen due to her forgetting she was wearing it in public places! There’s a very good reason why you should like Sandra as much as we do: coming to Cincinnati to run the Flying Pig was her idea!

Until next time…


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