Snow Day vs. Grumpy Day

And the winner, in a landslide victory, is….


It could’ve gone either way folks, especially with all the snow forecasted to dump on Waterloo last night.

By late evening, odds definitely appeared in Snow Day’s favour – so much so, in fact, that bedtime was extended half an hour and plans were well underway for the girls to have some serious fun today.

But alas, it would not be. After checking local closures and cancellations on several web sites early this morning to ensure I had the facts straight, I woke my girls and broke the news.

At this point, it became obvious that Grumpy Day would emerge victorious. Disbelief turned to sadness and then sheer outrage as the girls slowly went about their morning routine. Thanks to extensive prodding and prompting on my part, Grumpy Day sealed the win and the girls finally left for school.

The worst part – for my oldest daughter, anyway – was needing to wear ski pants to school to avoid getting soaked while trampling through a foot and a half of fresh snow.

It appears that ski pants, while still all the rage on the slopes, thank goodness, are no longer considered cool school attire once you hit sixth grade.


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